Thursday, April 27, 2017

Where Mrs. Leighton's From

I Am From

by Jacquie Leighton

I am from paddle fans,
From Coppertone lotion and flip flops
I am from the low stone wall
Peeling, protecting, encircling our red veranda.
I am from a climbing Poinsetta tree,
A crimson curtain welcoming us home.
I'm from swims at the club and a cardboard fireplace for Christimas stockings,
From Richard and Wyona.
I'm from the lonely homemaker and her downeast risktaker
From "You Be Careful"  and "Stay on the grass!"
I'm from Sunday morning cartoons and beach combing.
I'm from Bangor, Maine, and a west coast mom,
Sticky rice and fried plantains.
From the legendary flying ace, Uncle Eddie,
And the mysterious absences of a father.
A movie camera recording family poses.
I am from black and white photos,
Always showing me and my clone, inseparable.

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