Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My Reflection: A Diver is Born Part 3 The Finale

           So today when I look back at that afternoon at the pool, it is a wonder I risked such a dive, but I believe something inside of me changed.  That thrill, that dive, that accomplishment was so electric and an adrenaline rush that I just wanted more from that day on.  I would coax my mom time and time again to take us to the club and pool. I am grateful that my Dad encouraged me to take more advanced swimming lessons and...diving instruction too.  So today I am no Olympic Diver, that is for sure.  But I still seek out pools with diving boards, good rugged ones, and go after that thrill.  It is kind of neat when you can impress a lot of people with your diving.  Feels good to be good at something.

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