Thursday, October 6, 2016

A Diver is Born!!

Moses in 6th grade asked me to write the story so here goes... here is the 1st part of my personal narrative...THE INCIDENT part.   A first draft.

"Come on, Patty, quick!  Before mom catches us.  Jeez, hurrrrry up!"
" Nooo, Jackie, we'll get in big trouble.  You know she won't let us watch Gilligan's Island tonight if we get in trouble one more time."

I remember it well.   My identical twin and I were in 2nd grade and two of the cutest little blue-eyed girls you'll ever see.  My Dad had moved the family overseas to Bangkok, Thailand.  This was back in the '60's.  He was attached to the embassy (and CIA, we would learn many years later) and good ole Uncle Sam wanted him to help support the American war efforts in South Vietnam.   So Patty and I were military kids and one of the perks...the embassy club...and a giant, Olympic sized swimming pool.  Oh, and diving platforms.  Three glorious levels of high diving platforms.  You guessed it.  I guess you could say I was the trouble maker and coerced Patty to join me in a high diving adventure.
It was a blistering hot, cook an egg on the sidewalk kind of day, school was out, and our mom had scooped us up at school to take to the Club for some swimming.  I remember having a nice little lunch by the pool and a few other families with kids sat around the pool area too.  The adults were enjoying a chance to visit with each other.  All of us were Americans and in a far away culture so it made sense there would be lots of good cheer and a party atmosphere.   The other kids were way too young for us and were splashing around in the two kiddie pools.  I wasn't having any of that.  We both were good swimmers!  It was my idea to amble down to the deep end and the diving platforms.  I admit.

The climb to the high dive platform was easy peasy.  NO ONE spotted us.  Go figure.  I remember going first and tip toeing to the edge.  I looked down what seemed 1000 feet to the water surface, a sky blue and just begging for  a swimmer.  Patty had tried to turn around a couple of times but she's a risk taker and wasn't going to let me one up her.  I dove first, my form was darn good, as I remember.  Ohhhhh, what a thrill it was.  I thought I am flying. Flying.  With the birds.  Up high, above the world.  Oh, my Lord.  This-is-HEAVENLY... SPLATTER!  SPLOSH!  SPLOOSH!  Am I dead?  Did I survive that?  I did!  I remember slicing through the water and heading to the pool's trench!   That was a thrill too. I saw Patty's entrance too.  That was cool.  WE WERE DIVERS!!

...more to come: my response and my reflection on the incident.

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