Wednesday, October 14, 2015

ELA Resources and What's Due Thursday

1.  1/2 hour minimum reading

2.  Quizlet Friday for an assessment of Unit 1 vocabulary

3.  Final Draft of Personal Narrative AND Notes from Conference due Friday

During Conferences Today:

1.  Reader/Writer

  • You are to read your partner's draft…twice.  Once silently and once aloud to her/him. Then give them feedback:  I liked the words you used like…  I like the way you described…. Something missing is…I think your beginning is…I would suggest dialogue…Your word choices are…because...
  • In your Writer's Notebook, jot down a few notes.  Listen carefully to your draft read aloud.  Take notes on what might be changed.  Ask questions to get feedback for revisions (What do you want to know more about?  What part doesn't make sense?  What elements are missing?  How's my hook?  What do you plan to do for revisions?

I will collect the notes as part of the assessment due on Friday.  Please type them and title them:

My Notes from my Writing Conference.  


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