Wednesday, September 9, 2015

ELA due Thursday

  • 1/2 hour of reading at home

I am enjoying your letters to me.  First, I have to say that while reading some of them, I found myself chuckling and smiling.  The insights I've gained because of your sharings is wonderful.  Thank you for that.  I need to share a few insights but I'm not naming names.  Thank you for your letters!

I learned about hobbies and here are a few peeks at the talents and interests in 7th grade.  I believe these may be predictors of future careers!  We have…
  • programmers
  • gamers
  • campers
  • pyrotechnist interests
  • Anime TV enthusiasts
  • writers
  • wild readers
  • basketball
  • naturalists
  • creative writers
  • superhero experts
  • jelly bean fans
  • Patriots fans!
  • Storybird fans
  • fishermen and hunters
  • nappers
  • laughers and huggers
  • YouTube
  • lovers of terrifying rides at the fair
  • paddle boarders
  • interior decorators
  • four-wheelin' fans
  • jazz players
  • DIY'ers
  • trampoline fans
  • computers

Quite a few shared their dislikes like I did in my letter to you.  I feel a few are worth mentioning:

  • homework overload
  • horror movies
  • cauliflower
  • mannequins 
  • seafood
  • computers

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