Monday, September 21, 2015

SS Assessment Link and Instructions

SS Assessment link

Here is the link that you will need for the "Feudalism Report Card" Assessment. 

Steps you will need to take to use it correctly: 
1.  Click on the this link:  Report Card
2.  Once on the document, Click "USE THE APP"
3.  Once in the App, you will click the 3 vertical dots, Share and Export, then Make a Copy
4.  Rename your copy to:  Your name and Grade- Feudalism Report Card
5.  You are now ready to begin typing in your scores and reasoning/examples


  1. Wait, I'm confused. Is this due tomorrow? You just said to find information/notes for the first section in our packet.

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  3. It's Finn on my mom's computer Mrs. Thomas, google docs wont let me access your link. Any suggestions?

  4. Never Mind! I just had to log into my own account for school.