Monday, April 27, 2015

ELA due Tuesday

Today I demonstrated a good example of a response journal entry on 2 column notes. We did one together.

1.  Your assignment is to select a total of 2 questions from each section of the handout for Tangerine pp. 7-27 and complete a total of 4 entries of a response journal type.  Remember, we've already done one.

2.  Read pp. 28-42 in Tangerine.

Sample of a response journal entry we did together:

topic / question
Your comprehension and thinking
Must include text evidence.
What did the Fla. landscape look like to Paul?
Fields with tomatoes and onions. Flat land.  He sees farmland.  He saw citrus trees in Tangerine County.  He sees industrial parks and highways with exits and ramps.  He saw black smoke (8).  He saw brown dust (8)blowing around the highways.  He saw a  huge bonfires of citrus trees(9).   He sees housing developments with fancy house.

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