Monday, February 2, 2015

It's Another Monday! Oops, Tuesday! What are you reading now?

I have paused reading The Once and Future King because I needed/wanted to read another book for an upcoming booktalk:  Rules of Civility and wow, is it goooood!  I am 80% finished and it's a 5 star book!!!  What are you reading?  Please Comment here.  How's it going?  Good book?  Stop by for a Book Worm Goodie for posting your Comment.

I asked the 8th grade class to name a favorite book they have read this year.  Here you have their recs!

Javon:Running for My Life
Rylee:  Unbroken
Mackenzie: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Lydia:  We Were Liars 
Cameron: The Loser
Kaitlyn:  Enclave
Reyna: Shatter Me
Caleb R.:  The Giver
Violet:  Unravel Me
Shane:  The Quest
Daisey:  You Save Me
Deanna: 13 Reasons Why
Rachelle:  Fire to the Heart
Vanessa: Secret Life of Bees
Reilly:  The Boundless
Mia: Soul Surfer
Zack C.  Looking for Alaska
Brooke:  Panic
Caleb: MJ
Abby:  Silence
Azia:  13 Reasons Why

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