Saturday, January 17, 2015

Friday's Class in ELA

Today students continued working on Myth projects with partners.  Most are planning the myth, figuring out the god or goddess who will play a part in the myth and generally planning out the elements of the myth...the hero, the setting, the lesson it teaches.

We continue to write Quickwrites in our Writer's Notebooks each class...a 7 minute exercise and believe it or not, some are taking these home to continue.  Some of the prompts are from Mrs. Leighton's suggestions but many are writing from their own prompt ideas.  Today Mrs. Leighton collected all notebooks only to assess for the amount of writing students are achieving.  She explained her Woot Woot stamp and why she uses it when she sees a full page of writing.  The plan is collect lots of ideas which may lead to a writing project to publish.

Stay tuned next week for a new web tool called PearDeck.  We'll be using it to do quick grammar lessons.

Woot Woot!

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