Wednesday, December 3, 2014

ELA due Thursday

3,2,1  due  AND

The Quickwrite:

Do you think you learn best from other people's advice or from your own experience?  Explain with an example from your own life and / or reading.  Be sure to include your analysis of the consequences of taking or not taking the advice.

Mrs. Leighton wrote to this prompt:

I learn best from my own experiences.  I don't do well when I feel I am obligated or have to have to have to learn something a certain way just because someone else operates that way.  My feathers get ruffled, you know, a side of me comes out that is not very nice, when I feel I have to think and act like someone else.  So I definitely prefer to figure out life, for the most part, walking the walk my way.  There's a cool song about that called "I Did It My Way." Sometimes I suffer some negative consequences, but that's how I learn best.  I guess I have to feel the pain.  One example is when my mom told me once that I should not be playing and swimming down on the deep end of the pool and to never ever climb the diving board ladders.  So what did I do?  I climbed them and jumped from the 3rd level of diving boards.  I about killed myself. I had a wicked headache from hitting the water with my head (but it was a good dive! lol

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