Monday, October 27, 2014

ELA Due Tuesday

Today in class I introduced a Writing Prompt and 2 handouts you will use to begin planning your narrative.

Prompt: Write a multi-paragraph personal narrative about an incident in your life which resulted in a significant change you can reflect on.  Your essay will be organized with a beginning (Describe the Incident), a middle (Response to the Incident), and a Reflection (What you learned, realized, or gained from the incident).

You all brainstormed a list of possible Incidents.  Here is my own list of ideas to guide you in your thinking:
-my brother was born
-Moved to Maine...extreme culture and weather changes
-Moved from BarHarbor School to Milbridge school
-I won an art contest in high school 
-I raked blueberries and did really well my 1st day
-I found a secret special place for me and only the woods.
-I wrote a really good report in 7th grade.
-Grandfather died
-Met my first best friend
-My parents divorced
-I met my future husband

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