Monday, October 6, 2014

ELA due Tuesday

1.  First, today in class I assigned a writing assignment to describe an incident you experienced personally but only from your viewpoint for now.  LATER you will write this from the other viewpoint.

Here are the exact directions:

  • Go to “Bad Boy”  pp. 22-25 in Springboard ELA
  • Choose any 2 of the Key Ideas Responses that you did in My Notes.
  • Type each response on a Google Doc.
  • 1-2 paragraphs for each one.
  • Part of the question should be in the topic sentence.
  • Name the Google Doc “Bad Boy.”

due Tuesday if you did not complete in class.

1.  Second, you are assigned to make a web or list in your writer's notebooks:


Web or list as many as you can remember!

  • big or small choices
  • personal (home, friends, family, etc.)
  • at school this year, last year, back in 1st grade...
  • team sports
  • summer time choices
  • funny, embarrassing, scary, exciting, stupid, wonderful, inspiring, etc.
  • Did you do a job?  Buy something important?  Join something?  
  • Go somewhere?  
  • Try something new, or daring, or exciting, or wrong!!!
  • Did you make a choice and say something?
  • Did you make a choice to NOT do something?
  • Did you say yes to something?  NO?

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