Thursday, August 14, 2014

Supply Suggestions

Mrs. Leighton- 2 inch binder and dividers with tabs, highlighters, composition book, Post It’s (optional:  a pen which offers multiple colors with just a click of the pen)
Mr. Haskell- 1  composition notebook, 1 inch binder and dividers with tabs, loose leaf paper,colored pencils
Mrs. Thomas- 1 inch binder, looseleaf paper
Mrs. Beals- 1 inch binder, dividers, looseleaf paper, mechanical pencils, Post It’s, ruler (lots of straight lines to be drawn!)
All Teachers:  pencil box/bag, blue & black pens, pencils...
Optional:  ear buds


  1. Thank you so much! Today I completed my school supply list! I hope you are having an amazing summer!


  2. Hi Deanna,
    Summer has been wonderful. Been very busy but getting lots of swimming and sun in! See you soon!