Monday, May 19, 2014

ELA Resources for Monday

Due Tuesday…tomorrow.

Number your paper.

1.  Define setting.

2.  List 10 places where events occurred (Parts 1 and 2) in Tangerine

3.  List 20-30  details about the setting of the big game with Lake Windsor (p. 190-199).

4.  Explain how Paul is feeling after the game?  Support your thinking with text quotes and page numbers.

5.  Sketch what you think is the  best scene of the game!

6.  Discuss your responses with your group.

7.  Score your paper…4,3,2,1.  Write it on the top next to your name and date.  Jot down 2 reasons why you gave it that score.  Don't be tooooo hard on yourself!

This week's Tangerine reading:  203-230.  Code for setting details.

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