Sunday, March 23, 2014

ELA Resources for Monday's Class

1.  Add one paragraph to your speech which lets your classmates know you have some credibility with your speech topic.  Here are the must have's:

  • 5-7 sentences
  • Begin with a strong topic sentence like or similar to this one:  This healthy living topic is one I know something about.  Let me tell you a story about this very topic...
  • Insert this new paragraph into your speech at it's beginning, right AFTER your intro paragraph.  Due Tuesday!!
2.  Watch this short video which explains Imagery:

3.  Play this game to review simile and metaphor:

4.  If you need more help understanding sensory language, here are 3 more vids:

  • Now...find one place in your speech where you can lift a sentence which is not interesting because it "shows."  Revise this sentence to SHOW.
  • Repeat:  Revise your speech as much as you can to include the use of imagery and sensory detail.
  • Pass this revised section of your speech in for teacher feedback.  Due Tuesday!!  (  Great place for find the right word!)

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