Monday, January 27, 2014

Math Notes

Today we began a new Unit, can you remember the theme? We will be working in this unit for the next month or so, get ready! It should be lots of fun with hands on learning activities for everyone to create their understanding of the topics we will be exploring. Share with your family what we do in class each day and see how much they know about our theme... hint...shapes, polygons and angles! I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow with a can do attitude. We will be having homework 3-4 days a week, please make your best effort to take this serious and see it as an opportunity to practice the new skills we will be learning. As always, Mrs. Beals (that's me) is available before school and during study hall to help answer questions that you may have. These are great times to also get some one on one time if you need to catch up on something that is missing. We are half way through our school year, let's make the next half awesome!

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