Thursday, December 5, 2013


 Twice a week students will have mini geography assignments that they will need to complete and turn in by Friday.  Each assignment is worth 5 points.  Students will get their scored sheets back the first day of the week after they turn them in.  It is the students' responsibility to keep track of these scored papers.   At the end of the trimester, I will collect ALL papers to calculate a final score, for a total possible points of 120, that will be entered as 3 grades.  I will not allow students to get papers from previous weeks if they did not complete them, unless they were absent for the majority of the week.  

Some ideas for keeping track of these papers is to have a special folder for them, a gallon zipper bag for storage, or taking photos of each one.  Whichever method each child chooses, it should be consistent throughout the term.

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