Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Our Shared Writing using the Better Answer Protocol

Due Friday:  Your Writer's Notebook with your Better Answer Response in it.  You may use this model to guide your writing.

I am scoring the posters this weekend so be sure you have given me those.

I read a myth called “Woodchuck and Two Old Women” which was a Micmac story.  The micmacs are Native Americans from Maine and Canada. The myth is about two old women and woodchuck, a supernatural, trickster one.
The myth is about a woodchuck who plays a prank on 2 old women.  The old hags quarrel with other blaming one another for what the woodchuck was doing;  he was poking their feet with a hot stick while they slept. The woodchuck  ends up dead and in a pot cooking.  He comes to life, pulls himself together, but ashes from the fire splash into one of the old hags eyes, causing blindness.  One of sisters having to do all of the hunting by herself and gets mad about that.  She only gives her blind sister the “stringiest, leanest” parts of the meat.  The blind sister gets her sight back and discovers her sister has been giving her poor meat.  She confronts her sister who switches the bowls.  The story ends with the 2 old women living in peace. The important message of this myth is things are not always what they seem.  The woodchuck was the problem not the one sister.  Another lesson is caring for the handicapped is necessary and they should be treated fairly.  This myth teaches about the importance of food and sharing it.  Also this myth teaches about forgiveness.

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