Thursday, December 19, 2013

ELA Assignment Due Friday by 8:20 am!!!

Due by 8:30 am Friday, December 19.

A print copy, hand-wrttien or typed, of your 1st draft myth.  Names and date must be included.

Uni has a message for you.  Have a listen--------------------->

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Your 1st Drafts of a Myth Retelling is due before our Holiday Break

Vocabulary Practice:

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

7th Grade Math

Just to be clear, ALL IXL work is due by the end of the day Friday. No exceptions. You should have worked through skills: 

V.3, U.1, U.2, U.3, V.1, V.2, V.3, V.4, V.5

If you have completed these skills and would like Mrs. Beals to input your scores, please come see me during a study hall or before school. 

~Mrs. B

Monday, December 16, 2013

grade 7 Science

complete analysis questions #1-3 on page C-67 ( Lesson 44)

ELA Assignments

  • Read for 1/2 hour.
  • One illustration for myth due per group.  Two would be fantastic.
  • First drafts due Friday.  1-2 pages, typed, double-spaced, 12 font, effective title.

Friday, December 13, 2013

New Writing App!

You might like this new app!

ELA Assignments

Word Sort Directions for Today's class:

1. Copy each vocabulary word on a box which will be cut out.

2. Individually or in pairs, sort the words into categories.  Group words according to meanings, not according to some superficial trait such as length of word, part of speech, etc.  Use context clues in the myth “Arachne” if you do not know the meaning.  I provided page numbers on the KRG.

3.  Create a fitting title/label for each group of words and then copy down your results on the back of your KRG. 

4.  Return KRG to your binder...we'll be sharing these on Monday.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

ELA Assignments

1.  Read for that 1/2 hour.
2.  Keep on, keep on...thinking about ideas for your myth retelling!

Social Studies

2nd Draft of "Spread of Islam" essay due Thursday

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Mid unit test on wednesday
lesson 30-42

Social Studies

1st draft of "Spread of Islam" summary due Wednesday

Science vocab Quizlet

Go tothe following link to study science vocab
vocab quizletscience vocab

Monday, December 9, 2013

Printing from iPads

go to the following address page and follow directions:

ELA Assignment

1.  Please be sure you have copied and pasted the better answer response we wrote together in class.  Save this writing on your iPad.

Prompt:  What qualities of Phaethon make him do what he does?
Our class read the Greek myth “Phaethon.”  This is a story about father and son and choices.  Phaethon makes a choice which ends his life.  Phaethon lies about knowing Apollo, and about driving the sun chariot.  He travels to the Eastern Palace and causes a lot of harm to people on Earth.  Zeus puts a stop to this madness and kills Phaethon with a lightning bolt to stop the world from the ending because of Phaethon’s choices and mistakes, even though he was only trying to hold his word and cover up his lies.  Phaethon does what he does because he was stubbornly brave.  Brave because he goes on the adventure and stubborn because he didn’t listen to Apollo who strictly said not to.  In conclusion, Phaethon was a persistent 8 year old but young and naive.  His choices cause him his life.

2.  7T:  Partners for Writing Workshop this week:  Rewriting of the Myth "Demeter and Persephone and the Seasons."

Natasha and Alex, Violet and Vanessa, Damien and Reilly, Zachary and Dennis, Trevor and Caleb, Javon and Jared, Azia and Reyna, MacKenzie and Abby, Daisey and Kaitlyn

Cameron and Taylor, Jared and Deanna, Brooke and Rylee, Caleb and Alex, Dylan and Anthony, Joy, Hanna, and Rachelle, Delaney and Shane

3.  Read for 1/2 hour.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Friday, December 6, 2013

Guess What???

We're visiting HGS Library AND...

Writing Workshop next week!!!!  
Writing a narrative...imaginary or choose, you choose, you choose!!

Perhaps you will decide on a...

fairy tale
retelling a legend
personal narrative about an important and memorable moment
a memoir

a picture book format, a comic format, or one you illustrate.

Thursday, December 5, 2013


 Twice a week students will have mini geography assignments that they will need to complete and turn in by Friday.  Each assignment is worth 5 points.  Students will get their scored sheets back the first day of the week after they turn them in.  It is the students' responsibility to keep track of these scored papers.   At the end of the trimester, I will collect ALL papers to calculate a final score, for a total possible points of 120, that will be entered as 3 grades.  I will not allow students to get papers from previous weeks if they did not complete them, unless they were absent for the majority of the week.  

Some ideas for keeping track of these papers is to have a special folder for them, a gallon zipper bag for storage, or taking photos of each one.  Whichever method each child chooses, it should be consistent throughout the term.

Geo Challenges

#4 and #5 are due tomorrow!!  Be sure to put your name on them before putting them in the Drop Bag!

ELA assignments

  • Are you satisfied with your reading progress on your reading record sheet?  I must congratulate many of you for consistently reading beyond the class time!!  Your weekly grade will show a 90 or 100 IF you are making good progress.
  • Your Padlet discussion assigned on Monday shows only 1 person meeting the requirements.  Please return to the task and complete by Monday.  Here are the expectations:
  • Scoring Guide for your Padlet discussion:

    _______2, 3 or 4 book discussions (2=80  3=90  4=100)
    _______Book title in all caps
    _______Author's name included
    _______Discussed assigned topics (You had 2 you could choose from)
    _______No errors in spelling
    _______No errors in capitalization
    _______No errors in punctuation usage

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Complete the analysis questions from Lesson 41 A Cell So Small in your composition book Give good grade seven responses
Final draft of Investigative report on Yeast Activity must be posted by Friday Study Hall

Our Shared Writing using the Better Answer Protocol

Due Friday:  Your Writer's Notebook with your Better Answer Response in it.  You may use this model to guide your writing.

I am scoring the posters this weekend so be sure you have given me those.

I read a myth called “Woodchuck and Two Old Women” which was a Micmac story.  The micmacs are Native Americans from Maine and Canada. The myth is about two old women and woodchuck, a supernatural, trickster one.
The myth is about a woodchuck who plays a prank on 2 old women.  The old hags quarrel with other blaming one another for what the woodchuck was doing;  he was poking their feet with a hot stick while they slept. The woodchuck  ends up dead and in a pot cooking.  He comes to life, pulls himself together, but ashes from the fire splash into one of the old hags eyes, causing blindness.  One of sisters having to do all of the hunting by herself and gets mad about that.  She only gives her blind sister the “stringiest, leanest” parts of the meat.  The blind sister gets her sight back and discovers her sister has been giving her poor meat.  She confronts her sister who switches the bowls.  The story ends with the 2 old women living in peace. The important message of this myth is things are not always what they seem.  The woodchuck was the problem not the one sister.  Another lesson is caring for the handicapped is necessary and they should be treated fairly.  This myth teaches about the importance of food and sharing it.  Also this myth teaches about forgiveness.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Work on Final Copy of Investigative report-- Must be posted to Google Docs by end of studyhall friday
Analysis questions # 1-5 for lesson 40 Due Wednesday

ELA assignment

  • Writing your summary:

Who is it about?
Where does it happen?
When does it happen?         <--------------------  Include these details.
What happened?
Why did it happen?

  1. On white-lined paper write a 1-2 paragraph summary of the micmac myth in your writer’s notebook. Use the "better answer" protocol.   Begin with telling the reader the name of the story and that it is a Micmac Native American myth.  Then provide the summary. Finally, end with 1-2 sentences which explain what important message is embedded in this story.   You will be sharing these in class on Wednesday.
  2. Tip:  On the right hand side of the blog, you will see a graphic organizer of a "hamburger" visual.  This is a review of how to writer a "better answer."  

Due Wednesday.

Monday, December 2, 2013

ELA Assignments

  • Wanted OR Missing Posters about a god or goddess ( see Springboard page 51 )  must be presented today or tomorrow.  
  • Padlet discussion (see Saturday's blog post) due Tuesday.  
  • Read 1/2 hour tonight
Scoring Guide for your Padlet discussion:

_______2, 3 or 4 book discussions (2=80  3=90  4=100)
_______Book title in all caps
_______Author's name included
_______Discussed assigned topics (You had 2 you could choose from)
_______No errors in spelling
_______No errors in capitalization
_______No errors in punctuation usage
_______No sentence errors.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

You would not believe this...

...but ELA teachers 6-12 in the RSU voted this learning principle  #1 in priority of all others:

Standard 7
Speaking and Listening Presentation: Present information, findings, and supporting evidence, conveying a clear and distinct perspective.

No joke!  Coincidence?  You are presenting your WAnted Posters in group today.