Thursday, May 2, 2013

Four Words

Comment on 4 words which you encountered while reading your informational text books.  Please include the following in your Comment:
  • book title and author
  • subject of the book
  • the 4 words you chose
  • friendly letter format to Mrs. Leighton


  1. If That Car Talked By Colin L. Hutcherson

    In this book i have found these four words, Saute, Surmized, Fixated, Bareted. The subject of my book is about friends and his 1967 GTO.

    Keith M Edgecomb

  2. Dear Mrs. Leighton,
    I am reading the book "The Lost Boy" written by David Pelzer. This book is about his life and how he is trying to fins a new home away from his abusive mother. I chose the 4 words: acknowledge, caressing, pleaded, and rumbled. I know all of these words and what they mean, I just thought that they were interesting.


  3. E: Emporium
    I: Innovation
    P: Pennant,Prewar


  4. The book I am reading is "Dream Team" by Jack McCallum. It's about the best of the best USA Basketball Olympic team. The four words I chose were triumphant, cataclysmic, temperament, and unanimous.

  5. Dear Mrs. Leighton,
    I am reading "Gabby",by: Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly. The subject of the book is Gabby and her injury. The four words I chose are haltingly, dexterity, nuances, and contingency. I chose the words because I had no idea what they meant or never heard of them.

  6. boycott


    negro league

    klu klux klan

    ryan deraps

  7. The book I am reading is called " 102 MINUTES" It is by Jim Dyer and Kevin Flynn. It is about the fight to survive inside the twin towers and what it was like. The four words I choose are, pendulums, imperturbability, fuselage, and doctrine.

  8. Dear Mrs. Leighton,

    I am reading the book called "The Titanic" by Gordan Korman. The subject of my book is the sinking of the titanic. The 4 words I chose were absorbed, deftly, overcast, and underway


  9. Dear Mrs. Leighton,
    The book I have read was "Adrift 76 Days Lost at Sea" by Steven Callahan. His book is a memoir about being lost at sea for 76 days. The 4 words that I didn't know were polypropylene, prognosis, intravenous, and convalesce. I chose these words because I couldn't figure out what they mean.

    Matt P.

  10. Dear Mrs. Leighton,
    The book that I am reading is Molly Pitcher, by Augusta Stevenson. The genre of this book is a biography. I picked four words out of the book, such as infantry, regiment, staves and mere. I pick those words because they are different, and were used back then.

  11. Dear Mrs. Leighton,
    The book I was reading is "Whats the Big Idea Ben Franklin" by Jean Fritz. the four words I chose is condemned, one-liner, expedition and almanac. I chose theses words because they are different and I couldn't find out the meaning.

  12. Dear Mrs.Leighton
    The book I am reading is the Wright brothers By: Quentin Reynolds. The 4 interesting words from this book are Aviation, Puncture, Resistance, .and Straggling. The subject of my book is an informational memoir.
    -Matt R Leeman

  13. Dear Mrs. Leighton...

    Hi! I'm writing this to tell you about some interesting words I found. I got them from 3 different books, 'E.B White Some Writer!', 'Mr. Bell Invents the Telephone.", and the book 'Free Throw. 2 words I got from 'E.B White Some Writer!', a biography about E.B White, are nostalgic, and totalitarianism. A word I got from 'Mr. Bell Invents the Telephone.", a book about Mr. Bell's telephone, was imperative. A word i got from 'Free Throw', was physique. Those are some words I found that were interesting.

    Dax Crowley

    1. Oh, and the author for Free Throw was Dr. Tom Amberry, for the book E.B. White Some Writer, was Beverly Gherman, and for the book Mr. Bell Invents the Telephone, was Katherine B Shippen.


  14. the 4 words you chose

    Dear Mrs. Leighton,
    The book I am reading is "Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl" by Anne Frank herself. She passed away and a few years later, the Diary was found and published. This book is a biography of a Young girl during the holocaust. I chose the words subconsciously, tranquility, inferiority, and diligently because I thought they were very interesting. I don't hear them very often, so I put them on my alphaboxes sheet.