Thursday, January 31, 2013


Limit the breadth of your story. A novel can occur over months and  years and include a multitude of subplots, a variety of locations, and an army of supporting characters. The main events of a short story should occur in a relatively short period of time (days or even minutes), and you typically won’t be able to develop effectively more than one plot, one or two main characters, and one setting. If your story has much more breadth, it probably needs to be a novella or novel.



Your Short Story packet is due tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


-  Read 1/2 hour.
-  Short Story packet due Friday

I ordered Susan Pfeffer's book About David.  

Comment below if you would like me to order this this book trailer

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

ELA Homework, News, and Sundries

Due Wednesday: 
  • 1/2 hour reading
  • (Late) Triple Entry Journal:  5 point penalty each day late
Due Friday:
  • Short Story Planner packet (3 activities)

Monday, January 28, 2013

ELA Homework

  • read 1/2 hour
  • Writer's Notebooks will be collected tomorrow


quiz coming friday !!!

Friday, January 25, 2013


Complete analysis questions 1-3 for lesson 46
Quiz next friday on microbes and diseases

Thursday, January 24, 2013



Wednesday, January 23, 2013

ELA Thursday

Here is a link to an Interview on Teenink.  Please use a similar organization for your Written Interview following the questions on the handout " Main Character Questionnaire."

ELA Homework

Due Thursday:
  • Collecting WN's  and expecting Short Story Collage done.  This collage is a representation of the short story you're planning to write:   setting, characters, theme, conflict, plot.
  • Locate 1 online image which you plan to include in your printed short story.  You may print it in black and white and include it in your WN.
  • Retakes for plot quiz 

Next Read Aloud Begins Tomorrow:

Visions:  19 Short Stories by Outstanding Writers for Young Adults 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


1.  Read for 1/2 hour.
2.  Have Collage done by Wednesday.

Science Homework

Science-- Complete the analysis questions from lesson 45 #2-7

Friday, January 18, 2013


1.  Hyperbole:
  •      Select one example of which you could draw a detailed scene.
  •      Select from this list:    Hyperbole Source
  •      On white paper ruler in a 1 inch margin around the sheet as a frame.
  •      Sketch a scene which clearly communicates your hyperbole sentence.
  •      Write a caption using the original sentence.
  •      Display on  our closet doors.  Due Monday
2.  Read 1/2 hour.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday Jan. 17 Homework

Social Studies:
   7L- read pages 77-78 and complete reading notes for section 2
   7T- read page 78 and complete reading notes for section 2
 Friday is the LAST day I will accept advertisements for Constantinople!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Science Homework

Complete analysis questions on pg c-67

ELA Homework

1.  Quickwrite a creative writing in your WN.  Choose an hyperbole as your prompt.
See this link for more about Hyperbole:

2.  Add books you have read and want to read your Goodreads account.

1.  Optional:   Sign up for an account using Google account gmail.
2.  Go to My Books and add what you are "Currently Reading."
3.  Add Friends. ONLY friends you know and really are interested in following!!!

3.  Read 1/2 hour.

4.  Review the Positive Behaviors for using Goodreads:

PBIS Expectations for Goodreads
1.  No meaningless chatting.

2.  Not texting language.


4.  Be polite.

5.  NO bad language...swearing or rude comments.  This book sucks....inappropriate.  Write intelligently. 

6.  Do not add friends you don't know.

7.  Talking about books.

8.  Looking for books you want to read.

9.   Add books you have read.

10.  Rate books honestly.

11.   Follow PBIS behaviors like in a classroom.

12.  Use correct spelling and grammar.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

SS Homework Tuesday 1/15/13

Geography Challenge

ELA Homework and Resources

Due Wednesday:

  • Group Writing Prompt:  Choose 1 part of "Kissing Tennessee" that you all think would make a good movie scene.  Describe the location, what the actors would wear, and the camera angles.  Write some dialogue for the scene too.   Polish and Publish under Comments with names in your group.

  • What is hyperbole?  What are examples of hyperbole?  How does it affect mood and tone?


Homework:  After reading "Kissing Tennessee" go back and read closely to find 2 examples of hyperbole the author uses to mean something for the set a tone.  Please Comment.  See Comments for a format to use.
  • 1/2 reading

Monday, January 14, 2013

ELA Writing Prompt

Write a scene from a fictional story.  Might be the beginning, or the middle, or even the end.  One scene.  Make it a page at least.  Go for strong verbs.   You must have these 3 setting details:
-a missing sock
-a history book
-a broken plate

Science none


Social Studies:  Revise your ad and turn in tomorrow.  Timeline Challenge #1-9 due Tues.
  • Write one scene for a fictional story.  This might be from the beginning or middle or end of short story you can IMAGINE you are writing.  Include these objects:
  • a broken plate, 
  • a history book 
  • & a lost sock.
  • read 1/2 hour

Classroom Spelling Bee Winners!

7L:   Ethan &  Molly 

7T:   Nikyla & Dax    

8:     Sierra & Casey & Lauren & Skyla


7L:  Sarah
7T:  Matt, Jordan
8:    Mike

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Classroom Spelling Bees
Friday, January 11

10 Spelling Games to give you an edge!!


Math: none
Social Studies:  work on Constantinople Ad, have paragraphs written and ready to put into format of your choosing.
Science: none
  • Spelling Practice due Thursday
  • Letters About Literature due Friday
  • Root Word Quiz Retakes Thursday (optional)


Battle of the Books 1/2 hour

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Social Studies-  Processing:  Take notes for the 1st and 3rd bullets for your Constantinople ad.

Monday, January 7, 2013

SS Homework

Read 6.5 and complete table in packet
Science homework 1/7
Complete review sheets for the test on wednesday. These sheets are graded. The second portion of the sheet ( the statements) require 3-4 sentence responses to be complete.



Friday, January 4, 2013

Homework 1/4/13

SS: none
Science:  Study for Quiz (Tues or Wed)
ELA:  Read, Foldable
Math:  7th- none; 8th-finish chapter

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Boys Scrimmage

Boys won 25-34, or something like that.
Good job!

Grade 7 homework

I will be collecting the Analysis questions from lesson 41 ( the lesson that we did today) and the analysis questions from lesson 42 ( cell structure and function) that we did prior to vacation. We have a test coming up next week over lessons 30-42. Start looking at key concepts and vocab.

Homework Thursday, Jan 3

Social Studies:  6.3
Science: Analysis 41
Math:   7th- quiz tomorrow 10 questions; 8th- extra practice
ELA:  type a summary of "Eleven" on the blog

Give Away Opportunity

Go to Word for Teens for these 2 Give Aways:

Friday's ELA Tasks and Links

Word Work:  Due Monday
1.  Review all Practices.  Make sure you have recorded a list of these root words and meanings in your Writer's Notebook.  Due Monday. Big Priority!!
2.  Next, each of you will choose 1 root word you you believe is an important root to know.  Write the word on the board so no one else chooses this one.  You will be creating a "foldable" to display in the room.
3.  You will need to find 6 different words with the root word contained within.  You'll need to understand the word's definition.  Avoid definitions you do not understand.  Find one you do understand.  To score a 3 or 4, your 6 words must be defined using word choices your classmates will understand.  USE
4.  Use colored paper, black or blue pen, ruler.  Create this foldable.  
This is a classic window foldable, with four flaps.  Just cut the top two off to make a title bar.  On the outside write the word and definition, on the inside draw a picture or write a sentence.  Each tab must contain a different  English word with the root. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

ELA Assignments and links

1.  Continue with your Word Word.  Please practice these:

2.  Essay Prompt:
Write an expository essay, 3-5 paragraphs, 450 words minimum,  in which you, first, summarize the story “Eleven” for your classmates.  Include the elements of short story (Watch this video for a fun review of these elements:  VIDEO).  Second, discuss what you believe are Rachel’s major conflicts that day.  How do these conflicts affect Rachel?  Include evidence from the the text. Third, do you believe this day will have long lasting effects on Rachel?  Explain your thinking.   Leave your highly polished essay under Comments on this Post. 

On Friday you will read your Classmate’s Comments and respond to them.  But that’s Friday.

I’ll score your writing for content, words, voice, and conventions.  Have at it! 

Homework January 2nd

Social Studies:  Read page 64 and complete notes for section 2
Math: 7th- none;  8th- finish chapter 9
Science:  make sure you have your stop/think questions and analysis questions
ELA:  graphic organizer for "Eleven"

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

ELA Directions and Links

Writer's Notebook:  Choose any 2 prompts to write about.  Go for a full page!  You will be writing all week from this board and will share some of your favs on Friday with your classmates.

Click here:

A New Year Choice Board

Word Work Link, Click Here:  Latin and Greek Roots