Wednesday, October 17, 2012


  • 1/2 hour reading
  • Vocabulary Table due Friday
Math:  none

Science:  finish report, pg 37 analysis questions 4, 5, 6, 8, and 1, 3a-b if not already done.

Social Studies:  Section 3-2 Questions 1-4

  Monday's or Wednesday's are Homework Hangout Days in Mrs. Leighton's room.  3-4pm   Bus transportation available!

I will provide a snack.  Internet available...perfect chance for homework support...or you may just find it a quiet place to read, write, etc.  I'll provide support for any homework...math, social studies, science, etc.   Other teachers may be available at these times too!!


  1. When is the passions writing due?

    1. Dear Person,
      The passion wrighting is due Monday the 22nd

  2. Dear Mrs. Leighton,
    Do you really not care who comes as long as their doing work? I could just come in and read and wright? That could be super useful because at home brothers are always bothering me and my parents are always telling me to clean my room, or bring down the garbage or dirty clothes. It's soo hard to get any thing done!
    I would love to stay but not this week or next week because of obligations but the week after that would be great! BTW Thanks for posting it as "homework hangout days", it seems friendlier than than "staying after school".
    A Friend